The best chance to catch a trophy walleye is to fish Cleveland at night
            What makes night walleye fishing in Cleveland different

No need to spend a fortune!

No need to plan on taking time off from work, and major adjustments to your
schedule! You get on the fishing boat at 5:00pm, and you can be back in
time for a good night of sleep to be able to go back to work in the morning.
And if you're only visiting Cleveland, you can always add a walleye night or
evening fishing trip to your plans.

Night time fishing for walleye in Cleveland is a special experience and it
gives you the best opportunity to catch your trophy fish of a lifetime walleye.

You're only minutes from the shore, therefore you spend most of your time
fishing for Walleye.
Lake Erie, Cleveland, Avon, Lorain, Vermilion, Huron  Night Walleye Fishing
FishCrazy Charters Night Walleye Fishing
            What to expect when night walleye fishing in Cleveland

My main priority is to get walleye on your lines, and we catch well over 1000
walleye per fishing season! The evening trips are scheduled from 5:00pm to
11:00pm, the night trips from 11:30pm to 5:00am. You will be fishing in a 23'
Hydra Sport WA equipped with 200hp 2-stroke Johnson, 15hp 4-stroke Yamaha
kicker, Raymarine auto pilot, Furuno Fish-finder, and Garmain GPS. I supply all
professional gear and lures.

To me fishing for walleye is about fun and a good time. I've been casting for
walleyes off shore since 1996, and trolling the night bite since 2000. The last 13
years of fishing for walleye at night from Cleveland to Huron, and fishing with
crank baits 150 times a year helped me develop an excellent knowledge and
understanding about how walleye behave, walleye seasonal patterns, and a
walleye trolling system that works extremely well. We will be trolling using in-line
boards, with glow sticks mounted on top, pulling various types of stick baits and
cranks. You are more then welcomed to bring your own favorite/lucky lure.

You will get to see Cleveland from a the water. Get to enjoy the beautiful
Cleveland skyline, and many times some spectacular sunset. Makes for some
unforgettable pictures, so bring a camera and enjoy!

Although my main port is Cleveland, throughout the season I follow the walleye
from Cleveland to Avon, Lorain, Vermilion, and even  Huron at time. If necessary I
will run a trip from any of these ports when the walleye are more active in those
                    What you need to bring for night walleye fishing

A valid Ohio fishing license! Buy On-Line. Whatever you want to eat and drink,
soft liqueur only. One small cooler per trip or individual hand held coolers are
fine. Proper clothing, at times it might be colder but I guarantee you that you will
break a sweat when you reel in 10, 11, 12 pound trophy walleyes. Kids are more
then welcomed, try a family night walleye fishing trip, chances are it will turn into
an unforgettable evening. Next time you visit Cleveland, plan a night walleye
fishing trip, you might catch the biggest walleye of your lifetime!
Spring night bite walleye fishing Season

Spring night bite walleye fishing season starts beginning of April through the end of
June. The walleyes we're getting in the spring are post-spawn, after they dropped
their eggs. The night walleye bite this time of year can be vicious with multiple
hook-ups at one time. Cleveland area rarely offers the possibility for the post-spawn
walleye bite due to extreme cold waters and ice-floats.

Fall night bite walleye fishing Season

Fall night bite walleye fishing season starts middle to late October until late
December early January. In the fall, the walleye follow the bait fish near shore and
their main priority is to feed and get fat for the winter months. By the end on
November through December they have been eating heavy for almost two months
and are at their largest size of the year. Also the partially developed eggs in the
female walleye gives them a humongous girth with 26" to 28" walleyes well over 9 to
10 pounds, 28" to 30" walleyes well into the 11 and 12 pound range, and anything
over 30" can end up to be a personal trophy walleye record that would be hard to
beat. For every trophy walleye you catch aboard FishCrazy Charters See the
Taxidermy Offer